KAIA Kids Around the World – The Music of Argentina

By Angelica Lasala |

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In this musical adventure with KAIA String Quartet, learn about one of Argentina’s most well-known styles of music and dance: tango. Tango originated in the towns and cities surrounding Río de la Plata, a wide river that forms part of the border between Argentina and Uruguay. The  rhythms of tango come from both African and European musical traditions, including Afro-Uruguayan candombe and French salon music.

Tangos are usually played by violin, piano, bass, and the bandoneón, an instrument in the accordion family. After the KAIA String Quartet guides you through the history, key features, and steps of tango, sit back and enjoy as they play “Por una cabeza,” a tango by Argentinian singer and composer Carlos Gardel.

WFMT is proud to present KAIA Kids Around the World, a web series that explores music from across the globe. As WFMT’s first ensemble in residence, KAIA String Quartet is taking WFMT fans on musical adventures throughout Latin America from May – July 2017. With nine different stops throughout Latin America, KAIA is exploring the music of Argentina July 10 – 21 on the air and online.