Video: Legendary Guitarist, Composer Juan Falú Will Make Your Day


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Juan Falu

Guitarist Juan Falú (Photo courtesy

While visiting the WFMT studios for a performance on Impromptu, Argentine guitarist Juan Falú gave us all a treat even more delicious than an alfajor. Falú performed one of his own compositions, "Chacarera ututa."

A chacarera is a traditional Argentine folk dance. Think of it as a sort of pastoral tango, one that has, over time, become linked with Argentine nationalism and patriotism.

Meanwhile, Ututo is the Quechuan-language word for a small lizard, the Borelli's marked gecko, that is indigenous to Argentina and Peru.

Both elements of the title combine for a highly personal musical homage to Falú's homeland. His confident playing — it could even be described as "wise" — hints at a lifetime spent with the guitar. It's truly a wonder to behold.