Long Distance Music Saves the (Wedding) Day!

By Maggie Reberg |

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“You are a vineyard newly blossomed, young and kind,
springing from Eden, a fragrant poplar growing in Paradise,
May God adorn you; no one is more worthy of praise.
You are the sun, shining brilliantly”

—Shen Khar Venakhi (Thou Art a Vineyard), a medieval Georgian hymn

Words everyone would like to hear on their wedding day! It nearly did not happen for a bride and groom expecting hundreds of guests traveling from all over the world, but thanks to some talented, tech-savvy friends, the day was saved!

Last week, friends and family were to have gathered in Columbus, Ohio to celebrate the marriage of Kylie Mitchell and Michael Cochran. As part of the ceremony, the couple was excited to share music from the country of Georgia with their wedding guests who were traveling from afar.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was canceled and replaced with a small live-streamed ceremony. Saddened to miss out on the ceremony and its music, some enterprising invitees had an inspired idea!

Six close friends, including early plucked instrument artist Brandon Acker, were going to sing a traditional Georgian wedding song at the ceremony, so they decided to surprise the couple by recording the song to be played during the stream! The wedding the couple had planned and hoped for was not to be, but thanks to the ingenuity of six devoted musicians and friends, the happy couple felt their friends’ love. And you can too! Please enjoy this enchanting a cappella arrangement of Shen Khar Venakhi and the message behind it: that music — and love — have no boundaries.