Karl Jenkins’s Stella Natalis

December 17, 2022, 4:00 pm

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Silhouette of two humans gazing up at a dark blue sky filled with pale stars
(Photo courtesy of PIXNIO)

Stella natalis is Karl Jenkins’s 2009 work in twelve movements celebrating different aspects of Christmastide—winter, the sleeping child, tidings of peace, thanksgiving—with words ranging from the psalms to texts by Carol Barratt. Conveying the Christmas message of peace, goodwill, compassion and a new beginning, Stella natalis (star of birth) draws on an expanded palette of inspiration, including the Old Testament, Zulu text and reference to Hindu gods.


Karl Jenkins: Stella natalis
I. Celebro
II. Lullay
III. Cantus Triquetrus
IV. Only Heavenly Music (In Memoriam Christine Brown)
V. Wintertide
VI. Sleep, Child Of Winter
VII. Make We Merry
VIII. From Our Earth
IX. The Protector
X. Dona Nobis Pacem
XI. Sing With Joy At Christmas
XII. Jubilate Deo

Kate Royal, soprano
Alice Halstead, soprano
Alison Balsom, trumpet
Zands Duggan, percussion,
Jody K. Jenkins, percussion
Marylebone Camerata
Adiemus Singers
Karl Jenkins, conductor
Karl Jenkins: Stella Natalis
Warner Classics 6886482