10 Operas by Black Composers You Should Know

Operas from the 19th century to today that depict Black stories.

Musical Events for Black History Month

Honor Black artistry with an entire month of exciting musical events — operas, chamber concerts, jazz orchestras, broadcasts, and more!

Conductor Leslie Dunner: “You need to be a well-rounded human being”

“We want people who want to move in a new direction. And we want our students to have a well-rounded background in arts or science. If they want to go on in dance or in film or in literature, they can.”

3 New-to-Chicago Contemporary Operas You Can See During National Opera Week

National Opera Week 2016 is from October 28 to November 6. Why not celebrate by experiencing the Chicago premiere of a contemporary opera? You can see not one, not two, but three new-to-Chicago operas.