Praetorius & Monteverdi in Dialogue

December 12, 2018, 10:00 pm

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A cheerful dance awakens love and feeds hope with lively joy, (Florence, 1790)
A cheerful dance awakens love and feeds hope with lively joy, (Florence, 1790)

Ensemble le Moment Baroque, performing on period instruments, presents Praetorius & Monteverdi en dialogue, a program comparing two of the most important composers of the 17th century. We’ll hear instrumental selections from Claudio Monteverdi’s operas, as well as from Terpsichore of 1612 by Michael Praetorius.

Recorded live in concert January 25, 2018, in the Église Saint Germain, a 13th-century church located in the Swiss canton of Porrentruy, not far from the French border.

Enjoy this edition of Baroque&Before anytime from December 13 through January 11, 2019 by clicking the “Listen” button below.


Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)
Il Ritorno d’Ulysse: Sinfonia preceding the Prologue

Excerpts from Terpsichore
Michael Praetorius (1571-1621)
XV à 5 Bransle de la Torche; I à 5 Bransle de Montirande et ses Gavottes; XIV à 5 Bransle des Villages

Suite de danses CCLXVII à 4 Ballet; CLXXXIII à 4 Courante

XXVIII à 4 Spagnoletta; CCX à 5 Volte;

Pierre-Francisque Caroubel (1549-1611)
XIX à 5 Pavane de Spaigne

XXXII à 4 La Bouree

Il ballo delle Ingrate, 8ème livre des Madrigaux (selections) Sinfonia, Ballo (Entrata); L’Orfeo (selections) Act 3 Sinfonia, Act 2 Sinfonia

Excerpts from Terpsichore
CCLXXXVIII à 6 Passameze pour les conrnetz; XXXIII à 5 La Sarabande; CCLXXXVI à 6 Passameze; CCLXXXVII à 5 Gaillarde;

L’Orféo, Act 3 Sinfonia

Excerpts from Terpsichore
Praetorius: XXXII à 4 Philou; CCLXII à 4 Ballet des sorciers

Anonymous CCLXXVII à 4 ballet des Princesses; CCLXXVIII à 4 ballet des Baccanales; CCLXXXI à 4 ballet des Matelotz; CCLXXXI à 4 ballet des Coqs

CCXLV à 4 Volte du Tambour; CCXLIII à 4 Volte; CCXLII à 4 Volte; CCXXIII à 5 Volte; CCXXX à 4 Volte; CCXXXVI à 4 Volte; CCXXXVI à 4 Volte; CCI à 5 Volte

Ensemble Le Moment Baroque

Opening & Closing Theme for Baroque&Before:
Joan Ambrosio Dalza: Piva, performed by Musica Reservata (Boston Skyline BSD 12