Tiana Early Music Festival: Organs tell songs; Los órganos dizen chaçones

August 5, 2020, 10:00 pm

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Flemish Musician Angels and the Harrowing of Hell (Walters W7592R Obverse Detail: tighter crop)

Guillermo Pérez presents 14th-century music performed on the iconic 14th and 15th century keyboard known as the organetto. Tonight’s recital was recorded live in concert June 6, 2018, in Tiana, Barcelona’s Chapel of Our Lady of Joy, an 11th century hermitage, as the closing recital of the Tiana Early Music Festival.

Thanks to WFMT’s association with the European Broadcasting Union, we’ll be able to offer this program as a stream for 30 days following tonight’s broadcast. A blue “Listen” button will appear when the stream is available.


Guillaume de Machaut (ca 1300-1377)
Tels rit au main
Je sui aussi

Area virga

Johannes Ciconia (ca 1335-1411)
Regina gloriosa

Francesco Landini (ca 1325-1397)
Giovine vagha
Che cosa è quest’amor

Royal Dance
La septime estampie real

Francesco Landini (ca 1325-1397)
Donna, perchè mi spregi

Lucente stella
Chominciamento di gioia

Guillermo Pérez, organetto