Telemann’s Musical Geography

March 30, 2022, 10:00 pm

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It is hard to believe that there are still works by Telemann that are new to today’s music world. Klingende Geographie (Musical Geography) is one of these. Modeled on Telemann’s Sung Geography, each movement bears what Telemann hears as the characteristic melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic features of a given region or territory. Roman Válek leads Czech Ensemble Baroque in this program recorded live in concert February 27, 2020 in Brno’s Besední dům (Community Hall.)

Thanks to WFMT’s association with the European Broadcasting Union, you’ll be able to hear tonight’s program as a stream for the next thirty days, beginning tomorrow. A blue “Listen” button will appear when the link is accessible.


Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767) arr. Adolf Hoffmann
Klingende Geographie (Musical Geography)
– Overture (TWV 55:B5, 1)
– Vom Globus: Perpetuum Mobile (TWV 55:D12, 2)
– Spanien: Sarabande (TWV 55:D9, 6)
– Schweiz: Les Suisses (TWV 55:B5, 4)
– Welschland: Air à l’Italien (TWV 55:B4, 2)
– Frankreich: Menuet I/II (TWV 55:B5, 2)
– Provence: Rigaudon (TWV 55:E1, 8)
– Lothringen-Burgund: Bourrée (TWV 55:D12, 4)
– England-Schottland-Irland: Gigue (TWV 55:D10, 6)
– Schottland: Hornpipe (TWV 55:G2, 6).
– Spanische Niederlande: Carillon (TWV 55:F7, 7)
– Österreich: Rondeau (TWV 55:D1, 5)
– Franken-Schwaben-Burgund: Fantaisie (TWV 55:G2, 6)
– Kurfürstentum Hannover: Gavotte en Rondeau (TWV 55:B2, 4)
– Stift Hildesheim: Pastorale (TWV 55:E8, 2) – Herzogtum Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel:
Réjouissance (TWV 55: D2, 4)
– Böhmen: Hanaquoise (TWV 55:D3, 6)
– Skandinavien: Les Danois anciens et modernes (TWV 55:G4, 5)
– Rußland: Les Moscovites (TWV 55:B5, 5)
– Polen: Polonaise (TWV 55:D13, 6
– Ungarn: Marche (TWV 55:F6, 4)
– Amerika: L’Espérance de Mississippi (TWV 55:B11, 6)
– Europäische Türkei (TWV 55:D17, 2); Asiatische Türkei: Mezzetin en turc (TWV 55:B8, 7)

Czech Ensemble Baroque; Roman Valek, conductor