Handel & Purcell with The English Concert

August 31, 2022, 10:00 pm

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Detail, Alexander cuts the Gordian Knot, 1767, by Jean-Simon Bethélemy

The English Concert, under the direction of Kristian Bezuidenhout, performs choral, instrumental and theater music by Handel and Purcell. Selections from Purcell’s King Arthur, The Gordion Knot Unty’d, The Old Bachelor, and more are anchored by a concerto grosso and Chandos anthem by Handel.

Tonight’s program was recorded live in concert October 22, 2021 in London’s Wigmore Hall. Thanks to WFMT’s association with the European Broadcasting Union, we’re delighted to be able to bring you this program as a stream for thirty days following the broadcast. A blue “Listen” button will appear when the link is accessible.


George Frideric Handel (1685-1759)
Concerto grosso in D minor, HWV 328, op. 6/10
– Overture – Allegro – Air. Lento – Allegro – Allegro – Allegro moderato

Henry Purcell (1659-1695)
Why, why are all the Muses mute? Z. 343 (Welcome song for King James II)
The Gordion Knot Unty’d, Z. 597: Incidental music
King Arthur, Z. 628: Hornpipe
The Old Bachelor, Z. 607: Slow air
The Virtuous Wife, Z. 611: First Act Tune
King Arthur, Z. 628: How blest are Shepherds
The History of Timon of Athens, Z. 632: Curtain Tune

George Frideric Handel
Chandos Anthem No. 7: My song shall be alway, HWV 252

The English Concert
Kristian Bezuidenhout: conductor, harpsichord, fortepiano