The Life & Legacy of Harpsichordist Kenneth Cooper

May 17, 2023, 10:00 pm

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detail of an ornate 17th-century harpsichord, featuring an octave of keys, and part of the soundbopard
Detail of a 17th-century harpsichord (Photo: © Jorge Royan /

Tonight’s Baroque&Before celebrates the life and legacy of early keyboardist Kenneth Cooper, best known for his improvisational skills, his spontaneity, and his rediscovery of 18th-century works, as well as performances of modern works written for the harpsichord. On this edition of Baroque&Before, we sample a very few of his performances from the Baroque era, part of a legacy comprising over 100 recordings.

Tonight’s musical selections come from WFMT’s Richard and Mary L. Gray Music Library.


Johann Sebastian Bach (1785-1750)
Concerto in the Italian Style, BWV 971
Kenneth Cooper, harpsichord
MHS 512349T

Johann Sebastian Bach
Flute Sonata in b minor, BWV 1030
Susan Rotholz, flute; Kenneth Cooper, fortepiano
Bridge 9115

George Frideric Handel(1685-1759)
Flute sonata in e, HWV 375 (Halle Sonata #2)
Kenneth Copper, harpsichord; Paula Robison, flute; Timothy Eddy, cello
Vanguard SVC-102/03 HD

Johann Sebastian Bach
French Suite #5 in G BWV 816
Kenneth Cooper, harpsichord
MHS 512349T