Classical Music-Loving Animals to Bring a Smile to Your Face

By Keegan Morris |

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Classical music is written by humans, but that doesn't mean we have the monopoly on enjoying it! Creatures of all types can derive enjoyment, reassurance, and comfort from music. And in turn, we can all take joy in one another's delight! Here are 10 animals loving classical music that will be sure to brighten your day.

Opera dog

Whom among us has not been so moved by music that we can't help but join in!? This cute dog is certainly no exception; with a video of the Three Tenors singing "'O sole mio" on the TV, this pup launches into a vocal performance of its own!

Operatic Cockatiel

Ok this one takes some liberties... but it's too cute not to share! Cockatiel Yoki's humans noticed that when clears his crop, it looks as though he is singing. So they videoed him and sang each time he opened his mouth. As Skylend notes, the vocal birds are not able to sing in a human voice, but imagine what if!?

Beethoven and Bites

This almost surreal video sees Paul Barton, a Thailand-based artist with a love of animals, playing excerpts of Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony for a quartet of delighted elephants chowing down.

A Paddock Performance

Apparently, violinist Ray Chen can count horses among his large fanbase. In this short but sweet video, the violin virtuoso performs the opening of the Winter Largo of Vivaldi's Four Seasons for two horses. One immediately picks up on the rhythm, headbanging along (on beat!) to this contemplative piece. As Chen muses, "This horse has seems to have better rhythm than most people (including some musicians out there)."

Butterfly/Flute Duet

In this video, flute player Yukie Ota makes an unexpected connection, as a butterfly lands on her as she plays the second movement of the Sonatine for Flute and Piano by Pierre Sancan. Ota, who has been featured on WFMT, is unphased and keeps on playing for the benefit of her audience (and her new collaborator).

Must Love Mendelssohn

Classical music welcomes all! In 2017, this video went viral, as a stray dog in Ephesus, Turkïye ambled into a concert with the Vienna Chamber Orchestra, confidently settling in seat onstage to take in some Mendelssohn.

Kitty Conductor

The call of classical music also drew this cat to a different Turkish stage. While the CRR Symphony Orchestra was tuning up in Istanbul, AKA the City of Cats, a kitty strolled onstage, surveying the musicians before taking its rightful place atop the conductor’s podium. The conductor, artists, and audience were all delighted, and the cat stayed onstage, looking on with pride as the concert began.

Otters Love Tchaikovsky

These sharp otters are immediately intrigued by the appearance of a gramophone-style record player. In fact, in the interest of loading up some Tchaikovsky, their human has to gently shoo them from inspecting the strange apparatus more closely. First, they hear excerpts from The Nutcracker and then from the Violin Concerto.

Bavarian Bovines Appreciating Accordion

A man pulls over on a Bavarian roadside to make some music next to a cow-filled field. Once he begins to play, the cows can't help but to come towards him to hear his serenade. They clearly enjoyed it!

A Cat Feels the Music

This gives another dimension to musical enjoyment. Here, a kitty is perched within an upright piano while its human plays. Despite the instrument's stunning sounds, the cat probably appreciates the keyboard’s physical presence action most — it nestles in the instrument for a melodious massage.