Callas in Chicago: ‘Master Class’ and ‘Maria by Callas’

What a time to be a fan of one of the iconic sopranos of the 20th century! Maria Callas enthusiasts in Chicago can delight in having not one, but two outings to immerse themselves in the life and music of the acclaimed diva.

‘What was your secret, Montserrat?’: Larry Johnson Remembers Caballé’s Lyric Debut

In 1970, Montserrat Caballé was in only the fifth year of her international career and was, without doubt, one of the greatest voices to be heard in opera.

Guggenheim Fellow Rudresh Mahanthappa On Creating Music that Defies Genre

To label Manhathappa's music simply as a fusion between Carnatic music and jazz would be reductive. If, anything, it represents "the beautiful multicultural state of affairs of the United States right now."

14 Facts About Haydn

As we celebrate Haydn’s Birthday on the air, enjoy these fun facts about the composer from hosts and Haydn lovers Peter Van de Graaff and Carl Grapentine. Share your favorite facts about Haydn with us in the comments below. 1. Haydn was born the year George Washington was born (1732) and died the year Abraham Lincoln was born (1809). 2. ...

WFMT Host Peter van de Graaff Stars in Haymarket’s Don Quichotte

"Telemann has written... some truly funny arias about Don Q.'s dreams of chivalry and Sancho's donkey and mishaps"