Robbie Ellis’ Comedy Tunes Prove that Classical Music Can Be Funny [Videos]

By Keegan Morris |

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Photo: Sarah Elizabeth Larson

Think you know a lot about classical music? Watch these videos and you may learn otherwise!

Robbie Ellis, WFMT host, composer, music director, and comedy songmaker extraordinaire shares four untold musical revelations that will have your head spinning! For instance, did you know that Beethoven invented Boogie-woogie? Or that Brahms invented Ska? Ok, even if his historical findings may be slightly spurious, Robbie's comical explanations — with performances of Oistrakh Symphony of Chicago, conductor Mina Zikri, Michael Donley, and Paul Desman — help connect musical genres in a hilarious way!

And as a bonus, here's a rip-roaring song composed by Robbie himself!