American Composer Highlights

July 1, 2023, 11:00 am

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For the extended holiday weekend, Introductions looks back at some of the most notable performances of American music from the past year’s episodes. We’ve got solo, chamber and orchestral recordings of Jessie Montgomery, Gary Schocker, Alyssa Morris, Miriam Kessler, Chris Evan Hass, William Grant Still, and Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson.


Jessie Montgomery: Rhapsody No. 1
Bianca Ciubancan, violin
First broadcast September 24, 2022

Gary Schocker: Regrets and Resolutions
Karen Kobayashi, flute; Beilin Han, piano
First broadcast January 7, 2023

Alyssa Morris: Four Personalities:
No. 1, Yellow
No. 2, White
No. 3, Blue
No. 4, Red
Zachary Allen, oboe; Mio Nakamura, piano
First broadcast June 17, 2023

Miriam Kessler: Op. 55
Miriam Kessler, piano
First broadcast March 25, 2023

Chris Evan Hass: Luminous Sky
Incendio Saxophone Trio: Alex Procajlo, soprano saxophone; Zachary Solomon, alto saxophone; Emma Phillips, baritone saxophone
First broadcast May 27, 2023

William Grant Still arr. Alexa Still: Song for the Lonely
Tabitha Mo, flute; Inah Chiu, piano
First broadcast October 22, 2022

Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson: Blue/s Forms:
No. 1, Plain Blue/s
No. 2, Just Blue/s
No. 3, Jettin’ Blue/s
Sameer Agrawal, violin
First broadcast December 10, 2022

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