CSO Broadcast | Mälkki conducts Bizet’s Symphony in C

Hear Susanna Mälkki lead a program with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Sunday at 8:00 pm

Requiem Æternam: How a Fraternity Celebrates Death as an End and an Achievement with Music

Music can play a powerful role in remembering those we have lost. Among religious observances, the liturgical text of the Requiem Mass as set to music has been one of the most potent means to express mourning. More than 2,000 Requiem compositions have been written over the centuries – from medieval times to the present day – the most famous ...

How to Win Music Competitions Even if You Lose | Tips from Paul Lewis of the Leeds Piano Competition

Pianist Paul Lewis (Photo: Molina Visuals) “It’s quite fun to say this, but I actually hate competitions. I really can’t stand them,” Paul Lewis said as he took a break from practicing at Symphony Center in Chicago before a recent piano recital there. His strong dislike of competitions may seem dissonant with his current role as co-artistic director of the Leeds International Piano Competition, one ...

CSO’s MusicNOW Announces 20th Anniversary Season: Vijay Iyer, Salonen, Evening-Length Theatrical Work

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra recently announced the 2017-18 lineup for its acclaimed series MusicNOW, celebrating 20 years of bringing contemporary music to Chicago. Conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen and composer, pianist, and improviser Vijay Iyer are among the many artists scheduled to appear throughout the season, which is curated by CSO composers in residence Samuel Adams and Elizabeth Ogonek and pays tribute ...

A biography, a documentary, and an archive celebrate Spanish pianist Alicia de Larrocha

Sheet music, recordings of concerts and interviews, photographs, correspondence, and even the clothes that Alicia de Larrocha wore throughout her life make up part of the personal archive of the great Spanish pianist. Soon, anyone – scholars, students, and fans – will be able to find a portion of that material by visiting the archive’s website dedicated to the pianist.

Watching this “bubble smith” blow big bubbles to Bach on a beach is your Moment of Zen for the week

Composer Robert Schumann loved Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier so much that he said it should be every musician’s “daily bread.” But perhaps you’ve never thought it could make the perfect bubble-blowing soundtrack, too. The Well-Tempered Clavier is composed of two volumes of keyboard music. Each contains 24 pairs of preludes and fugues, one for each of the major and minor keys. ...

Stream Music of Uruguay’s Greatest Composers

Explore music of Uruguay’s greatest composers, past and present, as KAIA String Quartet taking you on a musical journey throughout Latin America. KAIA, WFMT’s first ensemble in residence, is sharing the music of Uruguay weekdays from May 22 – 26 through daily segments that air at 9:05 am and 6:00 pm on WFMT. You’ll hear works by Abel Carlevaro, Eduardo Fabini, and ...

Watch WFMT’s Live Cabaret of Music, Comedy, and More

Watch highlights from WFMT's Classical Cabaret, a new series that brings together diverse artists for performance and broadcast before a live studio audience.

Pianist Gabriela Montero Explains How Music Underscores Protests and Propaganda in Venezuela

When pianist, composer, and improviser Gabriela Montero left her native Venezuela at the age of eight, she was motivated by the piano, not politics. Her family moved to the United States “for me to continue my musical studies,” she said in a recent interview. “At that point, my teacher had left and I didn’t have anyone I could work with. ...

Hear Big Sadie Blend American Folk Traditions in New Tunes, Live at the Pregnant Buffalo Lounge

Chicago-based band Big Sadie performed at the third WFMT Cabaret hosted in the Pregnant Buffalo Lounge at the Chopin Theatre. Big Sadie is influenced by music from across America, with its core members Elise Bergman and Collin Moore hailing from the Midwest and Appalachia respectively. Rounding out the band’s current lineup are banjo player Andy Malloy and fiddler Matt Brown. Big Sadie ...

KAIA Kids Around the World: The Music of Venezuela

The cultural traditions of Venezuela are as rich as its biodiversity. In the KAIA Kids adventure to Venezuela, learn about a special style of Venezuelan music and dance called joropo.

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