Boston Pops Violinist Dorothy Han Returns to Alma Mater to Teach Kenwood Students About Music & More

Before Dorothy Han became a professional musician, she would sneak in extra piano practice between classes at Kenwood Academy, from which she graduated in 1978. Now a violinist with the Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra, Han returned to her alma mater for the first time in 39 years Thursday, March 30, 2017, with music director Keith Lockhart and other Pops musicians. ...

Composer Creates Music Major for Persecuted Bahá’ís in Iran Despite No Classrooms, Teachers, Piano

Growing up in Kerman, Iran, composer Badie Khaleghian received his first music lessons from his father. “When I was six or seven years old, he taught me how to play the recorder, then violin, and later piano.” As a young adult, Khaleghian wanted desperately to study music at the university level. “But because of my religion, I was not allowed ...

VIDEO: How a Holocaust Survivor Changed a Young Musician’s Life by Donating His Violin

After Joe Feingold could no longer play his violin, he decided to donate it. He didn't realize that this simple act of kindness would change Brianna Perez's life.

Sitarist Anoushka Shankar on Sexism, Collaboration, Her Return “Home” to the United States

Anoushka Shankar (Photo: Yuval Hen for Deutsche Grammophon) Sitarist and composer Anoushka Shankar has lived her life around the world. Born in London, a city she currently calls home, Shankar spent her formative years in England, India, and the United States. Touring first with her father Pandit Ravi Shankar and later as a solo artist, she has also called many ...

Did You Know There’s an Opera About Chopin With a Score That Combines Over 100 of His Melodies?

Wrocław Opera’s 2010 revival of Orefice’s Chopin. (Source: photographytheatre) Wrocław Opera’s 2010 revival of Orefice’s Chopin. (Source: photographytheatre) The music of Frédéric Chopin is beloved for its incredible lyricism. Italian composer Giacomo Orefice thought the Polish virtuoso’s works were so lyrical, in fact, that he adapted over 100 of them into an opera about Chopin himself. Chopin, which premiered in ...

Watch “Invitation to a Die-In,” A Moving Musical Memorial to Unarmed Black Men Killed by Police

In 2015, American police officers killed 346 black people, nearly one third of which were identified as unarmed. That year, Nkeiru Okoye began creating a “sung story” that is both “monodrama and performance art” to memorialize black lives that have been lost. Invitation to a Die-In had its world premiere performances by the Mount Holyoke Symphony Orchestra in January 2017. Music ...

This Classical Music-Inspired Cocktail Is A “Ravelation”

If you like to accompany your favorite pieces of classical music with a cocktail, try this drink that pairs perfectly with a sonata by Ravel.

“Defiant Requiem” Commemorates Holocaust Victims, Reminds Us: “The Arts Are Critically Important”

"What the Jews did at Terezín was reach for the best of mankind to help them endure the worst of mankind. This is what the arts can do. This is what the arts do do," said conductor Murry Sidlin

Composer Samuel Adams Explains How Schubert, J-Pop Inspired His First Work for the Chicago Symphony

31-year-old composer Samuel Adams didn’t yet have specific ideas in mind when he began his three-year residency with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra two years ago. Rather, he developed them as he got to know members of the orchestra and music director Riccardo Muti. Eventually, he decided that he wanted to write something that would “explore every possible extreme of what ...

STREAM: This Rare, Live Recording of “Queen of Gospel” Mahalia Jackson Will Take You to Church

Hear a rarely-heard live performance by Mahalia Jackson’s broadcast from the Morrison Hotel in 1975 courtesy of the Studs Terkel Radio Archive,

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