Watch WFMT’s Live Cabaret of Music, Comedy, and More

Watch highlights from WFMT’s Classical Cabaret, a new series that brings together diverse artists for performance and broadcast before a live studio audience.

Hear Big Sadie Blend American Folk Traditions in New Tunes, Live at the Pregnant Buffalo Lounge

Chicago-based band Big Sadie performed at the third WFMT Cabaret hosted in the Pregnant Buffalo Lounge at the Chopin Theatre. Big Sadie is influenced by music from across America, with its core members Elise Bergman and Collin Moore hailing from the Midwest and Appalachia respectively. Rounding out the band’s current lineup are banjo player Andy Malloy and fiddler Matt Brown. Big Sadie …

Composer, Comedian Robbie Ellis Sings Original Tunes That’ll Have You in Stitches

WFMT announcer Robbie Ellis has shared his talents as a comedian and composer as the host of WFMT’s Cabaret series. During the most recent WFMT Cabaret, Ellis revealed his favorite (albeit unconventional) place to pick up a date: the book club. His song, “Book Club,” suggests a few strategies for attracting and impressing a companion who is literarily inclined. Watch …

Kontras Quartet Brings Together Classical and Folk Traditions Live at the Pregnant Buffalo Lounge

The string quartet gets its name from the Afrikaans word for “contrast,” since the musicians enjoy playing seemingly contrasting repertoire even within the same program

KAIA Quartet Plays Haydn’s String Quartet Op. 20, No. 4 in D

KAIA String Quartet joined comedian Robbie Ellis, singer Bethany Thomas, and storyteller Jack Zimmerman for the inaugural WFMT Cabaret at Uptown Underground. KAIA, WFMT’s first ensemble-in-residence, is dedicated to sharing Latin American culture through the medium of the string quartet.

Video: Pianist Vassily Primakov Plays Chopin and Rachmaninoff

The Pregnant Buffalo Lounge, a subterranean space at the Chopin Theatre was home to the second WFMT Cabaret.

Video | Bethany Thomas Brings Down the House with Her Soulful Vocal Stylings

On Monday, October 24, 2016 at Uptown Underground, WFMT presented its inaugural Cabaret before a live audience. A wide range of acts took the stage that night. WFMT announcer Robbie Ellis, who happens to be both a composer and a comedian, shared some of his original silly songs. KAIA String Quartet’s shared classical works that have folk roots. Singer Bethany …