Your Guide to Chopin’s Études

Explore Chopin’s études - some of the most beloved works in the piano repertoire - by listening to some of our favorites and learning more about them.

Maestro Muti’s Most Memorable Chicago Moments

Riccardo Muti, the celebrated conductor from Naples, Italy, came to Chicago in 2010 when he became the 10th music director of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Since, Chicagoans have enjoyed many magical moments with the maestro both in Orchestra Hall at Symphony Center and beyond, as the CSO extends its reach with performances in the community. Read some of our favorite ...

10 composers who surprised us with their hidden talents

Though we tend to remember our favorite composers for their music first and foremost, many of them were virtuosic in more ways than one. When abbess Hildegard von Bingen wasn’t busy composing one of the earliest known operas in history, she was busy brewing beer. When Prokofiev wasn’t planning one of his next musical masterpieces, he was often trying to ...

This video proves it’s only a matter of time before robots can play Rachmaninoff on the piano

Anyone who’s ever studied a keyboard instrument knows it takes years of dedicated practice to play with accuracy. But one robot is programmed to bypass all of that, as shown in a video posted by organist Cristiano Rizzotto on Facebook. Of course, mechanizing keyboard instruments is nothing new: The earliest player pianos, or self-playing painos, date back to the late 19th ...

Renaissance composer Roy Henry was also a king – historians just aren’t sure which one

One of the most important and complete collections of English sacred music, the Old Hall Manuscript, was compiled between 1415-1421. The volume contains two mass movements – Gloria and Sanctus – written under the name Roy Henry. Since “roy” translates loosely to “king” from Middle French, music historians agree that Roy Henry was an English king with a penchant for ...

10 G20 leaders who are more musical than you’d expect

Leaders around the globe gathered in Hamburg for the 2017 G20 summit on July 7 and 8. This event got us curious: How many world leaders are musically inclined, classically or otherwise?

VIDEO: Listen to this operatically inclined canine who’s ready for her doggy diva debut

If you’ve ever tried to sing along to your favorite operatic excerpts, you know that singing takes talent and training. Watching this furry mezzo-soprano proves that even our canine companions can improve their singing technique with a little practice. The only encouragement this prima donna pooch needs to show off her skills is a short howl from her human, and ...

La Scala sends underdressed patrons to H&M for new outfits and sparks debate on opera dress code

While many still think opera and dressing to the nines go hand-in-hand, opera houses have, for the most part, relaxed their dress codes. The Metropolitan Opera gently suggests that “a night at the opera can be a great excuse to get dressed up” and maintains a style blog called Last Night at The Met, but their ushering staff generally lets ...

This heart-shaped score just might make you fall in love with medieval music

If this manuscript has you seeing hearts, you’re not the only one. French composer Baude Cordier’s “Belle, bonne, sage,” depicted here, is one of the best-known examples of “eye music,” or sheet music with graphical features. “Belle, bonne, sage” is a love song whose title translates to “Lovely, good, and wise.” And if the score looks like a Valentine’s Day ...

You’re guaranteed to get “so emotional” watching Whitney Houston sing with Luciano Pavarotti

If you get “so emotional” every time you hear Whitney Houston sing, this video may make you reach for the tissues. This video will have you wondering just what Whitney Houston couldn’t do as a singer. She steals the show from opera powerhouse Luciano Pavarotti, and renowned musicians Sting and Elton John in this video of the singers sharing a ...

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