A Walking Tour of 12 LGBTQ+ Artists Whose Legacies Are on Display in Chicago

In the Lakeview Neighborhood, the Legacy Walk, a series of ten 25-foot pylons, recognizes influential figures across genders, races, and fields.

LGBTQ Pride Month 2021 on WFMT

This LGBTQ Pride Month, WFMT honors the numerous LGBTQ artists and composers who have changed classical music for the better.

Reynaldo Hahn and Guy Ferrant

Reynaldo Hahn’s world was the Paris salon, where he reigned supreme with his songs and went about in his full‐length opera cape. Though not too many of his works are that familiar to us today, he was quite well firmly established in French culture during his lifetime. In the first half of the twentieth century and particularly between the world wars, he was a composer, conductor, music critic, theatre director, voice teacher, and singer…

Recalling Gian Carlo Menotti

In the early 1990s, the famed composer and librettist Gian Carlo Menotti came to Chicago as the guest for a black-tie event for Chicago Opera Theater. “This could be fun!,” I thought. A rare opportunity to spend time with a world-famous musician and composer. Who could pass up a chance like this? I volunteered.

The Microphone in the Closet: Studs Terkel and LGBTQ Voices

The historian Timothy Stewart-Winter wrote in his introduction to the Studs Terkel Radio Archive’s LGBTQ Culture & Rights section, “Among the eminent broadcast journalists of his generation, Studs Terkel may well stand alone in his consistent compassion for lesbian and gay people and curiosity about their lives.” Here are just a few testaments to that compassion. Leonard Matlovich talks with Studs about …

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