Chicago Public Library To Hold Mega Sale for Nearly 10 Thousand LPs

By Keegan Morris |

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A straight-on shot of the Chicago Public Library's Harold Washington Library, a tall stout brick building with a glass and mint-copper top

Harold Washington Library (Photo: Carol M. Highsmith)

Vinyl fans, listen up!

If this past weekend’s Record Store Day — or upgrading your system — has you tight on cash, here’s a thrifty way to add to your collection and help out one of Chicago’s cherished cultural institutions!

As the Chicago Public Library downsizes its record collection, the Loop’s Harold Washington Library is the site of a tremendous rummage sale. From April 25 to April 28, the CPL will be placing over 9,000 records for sale at a nearly unbeatable price: $1!

Between 10am and 4pm on Thursday, April 25 through Saturday, April 27, and from 1pm to 4pm on Sunday, April 28, visit the immense library’s 8th floor for a trove of unneeded and discarded records of all genres and vintages. From classical to musical theater to folk to Motown, there’s a true treasure trove of titles just waiting to be flipped through and taken home. Or you can try your luck with a blind buy and add a complete unknown to your collection.

Just remember, like any good rummage sale, this event is cash only and continues only while supplies last. And with such a sweet selection, who knows how many hi-fi heads, LP lovers, and music maniacs will be queuing up.

One more thing: don’t forget to bring your library card. For even less than $1 (free), there are miles upon miles of books, movies, and music to peruse!

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