6 Easy Steps to Finding a New Instrument

If you or your child have a passion for music — or even a mild curiosity — there is no better time to seize the day.

Shed Your Stage Fright With These 3 Warm-up Tips From Violinist Ray Chen

While building a successful career as a musician, (and amassing a mighty social media following), rising violinist Ray Chen has had to stay sharp. And while visiting Chicago for a series of performances with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Chen showed WFMT audiences that being stage-ready is as easy as 1,2,3!

Learn to play harpsichord repertoire on piano with Jory Vinikour

Grammy-nominated Jory Vinikour shares his advice for how to capture the magic of the harpsichord on the piano.

Video: Mandolin 101 with Avi Avital

World-renowned Avi Avital gives us an introduction to the mandolin, explains what makes his instrument so special, and shares his unique journey to becoming a professional mandolin player.

Video: Mezzo-Soprano Vivica Genaux Shares Her Secrets to Singing Coloratura

Have you ever wondered how opera singers are able to sing so many notes so easily? Mezzo-soprano Vivica Genaux shares her secrets to singing coloratura.

Video: Bagpipes 101 with Dave Johnston

Did you know that bagpipes aren’t from Ireland or Scotland, but the Middle East? Discover more about this fascinating instrument with piper Dave Johnston.

VIDEO | Lute 101 with Nigel North

Learn about the lute from Nigel North, one of the world’s most acclaimed lutenists, who has been at the forefront of reviving music that once languished on library shelves.

How Do You Practice a Concerto Without an Orchestra? Pianist Kirill Gerstein Explains

Kirill Gerstein described the experience of performing as a soloist with a major orchestra like the Chicago Symphony Orchestra as nothing short of “magical.” But how do you practice a concerto without an orchestra? Gerstein shares his tips.

VIDEO | Pipa 101 with Wu Man

“Surprisingly, people will come up to me after [concerts] and say, ‘Oh that sounds like a banjo! That sounds like a harp! That sounds like a guitar!’”

Video: Anne-Sophie Mutter On What Every Musician Should Know That They Can’t Learn in School

When four-time Grammy Award-winning violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter visited the WFMT studios, she shared what she thinks every musician should know that you can’t learn in school.

Tips to Rise to the Top in Music Competitions from 2017 Van Cliburn Winner Yekwon Sunwoo

When pianist Yekwon Sunwoo first entered the Van Cliburn Piano Competition in 2013, he was an alternate. This year, he took home the gold.

The Secrets to Heavenly Singing from Peter Phillips, Conductor and Founder of the Tallis Scholars

“A choir is like any instrument. But because it’s people, a choir is an instrument that varies far more than a string orchestra would vary, for example, or an organ.”

One of Conductor Manfred Honeck’s Favorite Quotes Might Change the Way You Think About Classical Music

Conductor Manfred Honeck shared one of his favorite quotes that guides his artistic work, and it just might change the way you think about classical music.

How to Win Music Competitions Even If You Lose: Tips from Paul Lewis of the Leeds Piano Competition

“It’s quite fun to say this, but I actually hate competitions. I really can’t stand them,” Paul Lewis. His strong dislike of competitions may seem dissonant with his current role as co-artistic director of the Leeds International Piano Competition.

Video: Renée Fleming’s Best Advice for Young Singers To Succeed in Opera Today

As classical music and opera evolve into the 21st century, so must musicians. Star soprano Renée Fleming explains what every young singer should do.

How Neuroscience Can Help You Sing “High, Loud, Healthy, and Forever”

Many people love to sing. Not everyone can sing well. But what if you could reprogram your brain to help you sing better?

The Single Most Important Piece of Advice Cellist Yo-Yo Ma Has for Young Musicians Today

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma is not only one of the world’s most renowned musicians; he’s also a passionate advocate for using the power of music to create community.

Grammy-Winning Violinist Gil Shaham’s Advice for Young Musicians

Grammy Award-winning violinist Gil Shaham made his professional debut at age 10, an age when most are hardly even thinking about professional work of any kind.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about the Lute but Were Afraid to Ask – with Paul O’Dette

Paul O’Dette is one of the most sought-after lute players in the world. In addition to being an active soloist, O’Dette is the co-artistic director of the Boston Early Music Festival, teaches at the Eastman School of Music, and records extensively, with credits on over 120 albums. His recording of Charpentier’s La Descente d’Orphée aux Enfer won the 2015 Grammy for Best Opera Recording. …