Long Distance Music Saves the (Wedding) Day!

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From the Opera House to Your House: Ryan Opera Center Artists Bring Music Home

Keeping busy and enjoying great music are some of the best ways to get through COVID-19 quarantining. Ryan Opera Center artists have been doing both in a series of homemade performance videos.

Edgar Allan Poe, Leonard Slatkin, Vincent Price Team Up for an Orchestral Take on ‘The Raven’

As an outsized figure in literature and poetry, Poe has inspired composers like Debussy, Rachmaninoff, Philip Glass, and composer-conductor Leonard Slatkin, who set Poe’s “The Raven” to music in 1971.

Some Infectiously Fun and Incredibly Fast Music on a Wurlitzer Organ [Video]

The organ is a polarizing instrument, but one organist is doing his best to appeal to a wide audience with these infectiously fun, utterly virtuosic, rather tongue-in-cheek, and thoroughly entertaining performances.

With Opera Houses Closed, Soprano Sings for Her Alpacas

An audience is an audience, no matter who (or what species) is in it. Case in point: Erin G. McCarthy recently gave a quick recital in her barn to an audience of three alpacas.