QUIZ | Do You Have Perfect Pitch?

Is your hearing pitch perfect? Take this quiz and find out.

This video proves it’s only a matter of time before robots can play Rachmaninoff on the piano

Anyone who’s ever studied a keyboard instrument knows it takes years of dedicated practice to play with accuracy. But one robot is programmed to bypass all of that, as shown in a video on Facebook.

Renaissance composer Roy Henry was also a king – historians just aren’t sure which one

One of the most important and complete collections of English sacred music, the Old Hall Manuscript, was compiled between 1415-1421. The volume contains two mass movements – Gloria and Sanctus – written under the name Roy Henry. Since “roy” translates loosely to “king” from Middle French, music historians agree that Roy Henry was an English king with a penchant for ...

VIDEO: Listen to this operatically inclined canine who’s ready for her doggy diva debut

If you’ve ever tried to sing along to your favorite operatic excerpts, you know that singing takes talent and training. Watching this furry mezzo-soprano proves that even our canine companions can improve their singing technique with a little practice. The only encouragement this prima donna pooch needs to show off her skills is a short howl from her human, and ...

This heart-shaped score just might make you fall in love with medieval music

If this manuscript has you seeing hearts, you’re not the only one. French composer Baude Cordier’s “Belle, bonne, sage,” depicted here, is one of the best-known examples of “eye music,” or sheet music with graphical features. “Belle, bonne, sage” is a love song whose title translates to “Lovely, good, and wise.” And if the score looks like a Valentine’s Day ...

You’re guaranteed to get “so emotional” watching Whitney Houston sing with Luciano Pavarotti

If you get “so emotional” every time you hear Whitney Houston sing, this video may make you reach for the tissues. This video will have you wondering just what Whitney Houston couldn’t do as a singer. She steals the show from opera powerhouse Luciano Pavarotti, and renowned musicians Sting and Elton John in this video of the singers sharing a ...

Do yourself a favor and watch this charming video of Björk interviewing composer Arvo Pärt

Internationally acclaimed Icelandic pop star Björk has given the world music that cannot be easily described. Her music has been influenced by a range of styles from Thai pop to the atonal compositions of Alban Berg. New Yorker critic Alex Ross once described her as “warm, watchful, sharp-witted, restless, often serious, seldom solemn, innocent but never naïve, honest and direct ...

The history of European music may owe more to Arab culture than we realize

Globalization in recent decades has led to a number of exciting cross-cultural collaborations among musicians. However, we’ve always been a global society in which the sounds of many cultures mix together to create new forms of self-expression. Ever since the Middle Ages, musicians in Europe eagerly adopted musical traditions from around the world, from as far as the Indian subcontinent ...

This string quartet was founded next to a taco truck – now it’s headed to Juilliard

In September 2017, violinists Jason Issokson and Clara Kim, violist Dana Kelley, and cellist Joann Whang move to New York to begin a graduate residency at the Juilliard School. The four musicians play together as the Argus Quartet, which formed in one of the most unlikely of places: next to a taco truck.

9 Classic Short Stories Every Classical Music Lover Should Add to Their Summer Reading List

If you’re looking for quick summer reads to add to your list, give these music-themed short stories a try, with everything from Anton (Chekhov) to Zora (Neale Hurston). The best part: they’re all available for free online! We’ve included the links for easy reading on your phone, tablet, or laptop — perfect for reading while listening to your favorite summer ...

KAIA Kids Around the World – The Music of Argentina

In this musical adventure with KAIA String Quartet, learn about one of Argentina’s most well-known styles of music and dance: tango. Tango originated in the towns and cities surrounding Río de la Plata, a wide river that forms part of the border between Argentina and Uruguay. The  rhythms of tango come from both African and European musical traditions, including Afro-Uruguayan candombe and French ...

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