‘Arias and Songs’ Host Larry Johnson Donates >5,000 Records To DePaul University School of Music

Though Larry primarily features CDs on his program, over several decades his collection has evolved into over 5,000 recordings, including LPs and original 78RPM discs dating back to 1901.

Watch pianist Marianna Prjevalskaya perform Debussy, Rachmaninoff, and Brahms

Russian born, Spanish pianist Marianna Prjevalskaya performs live in Preston Bradley Hall at the Chicago Cultural Center during a Dame Myra Hess Memorial Concert.

This Video Proves It’s Only a Matter of Time Before Robots Can Play Rachmaninoff

Anyone who’s ever studied a keyboard instrument knows it takes years of dedicated practice to play with accuracy. But one robot is programmed to bypass all of that, as shown in a video on Facebook.

This Is What Your Favorite Composers Would Look Like if They Actually Cracked a Smile…

Though the music of your favorite composers might make you smile, chances are, the composers themselves aren’t smiling in their portraits. Until now…

Pianist Vassily Primakov Plays Chopin and Rachmaninoff

The Pregnant Buffalo Lounge, a subterranean space at the Chopin Theatre, was home to the second WFMT Cabaret on Monday, January 23, 2017. A variety of performers gathered to warm audience members up with a live performance and broadcast on a chilly evening including folk group Foiled Again, actress McKenzie Chinn, vocalists Christine Mild and Alexis J. Roston, and pianist Vassily Primakov, a …